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   For years, the name Elite has been synonymous with the industry's reference standard for the perfect television picture. Blacks so deep, they disappear into the bezel. Whites so bright, they burn your retina. And what will seem like an infinite amount of colors in between, thanks to the addition of yellow pixels to the standard RGB pixels others are so content with. We are proud to introduce our biggest and most breathtaking television ever in LCD. It will make other televisions on the market today seem old and unrefined. It will once again become the standard by which all televisions are judged. Welcome to Elite LCD TV.
Offered from Sharp.


   When you see the picture for the first time, you'll find yourself unconsciously holding your breath. It will be nearly impossible to keep your eyes off of it. These new Elite master-pieces are an incredible combination of state-of-the-art engineering and proprietary magic. You'll experience a superior range of colors, super smooth pans, contrast that spans deep black to the purest white. And a proprietary full array LED backlight technology that produces a significantly brighter and richer image. You'll instantly recognize this as an entirely different breed of television picture. It's okay. You can breathe now.

   Audio is equally important to the ultimate high definition experience. A fully integrated one-body design on the 42” plasma and side-mounted, detachable speakers on the 50” and 60” televisions use SRS(WOW)™ technology, which includes SRS Surround, TruBass® and Focus™ for superior audio quality. SRS(WOW)™ offers a trio of surround sound modes and with an additional sub-woofer connection the home theatre experience is complete.
Now! We sell 3- and 5-year service plans!    And we are an Authorized Service Center for RepairMaster!
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